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Introducing Barber Website

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Easy Set Up: We Do It All!
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100% set up by us, all in the price!

During the setup process, we'll take your chosen theme and customise it to suit your business, changing the colours and styles as required.

We'll then add your content, including your images, opening hours, contact details and general text.

Finally, we'll add your barbers and services and set up the booking system for you.

We'll then be on hand as required to work with you in the early days until you're 100% confident and comfortable with the booking system.

At A Glance

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Online BookingsAlways Open 24/7

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One PriceUnlimited Staff

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Responsive WebsiteMobile Friendly

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Great SEOGet Found Online

About Barber Website

Barber is a fully featured "all-in-one" website for barbers.

As standard, you get a great looking website, online diary management and booking scheduler plus automated client management.

Great SEO
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Search Engine Optimisation

Be Found Online

You can have the best website in the world, but if it's not high up the search rankings, it's pointless.

Out of the box our websites have excellent Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, meaning people in your local area searching for a barber will find you.

Great SEO takes time, it doesn't happen overnight, but with our specialist knowledge in this area gained over 18 years experience optimising websites, you'll be sure that before long your Barber website is driving business to your seats.

Ongoing Support

Our SEO support doesn't end when your website launches: We will always be there tweaking and tuning it to ensure you stay high in the results.

Mobile Friendly
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Looks Great On All Devices

Optimised For Laptop AND Mobile

Chances are more people will visit your website to book an appointment on their mobile than a traditional desktop, that's why Barber is built to adapt to three different screen sizes: Desktop, tablet and mobile.

Every aspect of Barber, from the front end website to the admin dashboard looks great and is super easy to use on any screen size.

Ongoing Support

As mobile devices adapt and screen sizes change, we will always be there tweaking and tuning it to ensure your website continues to look great.

Email & Domain
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Domain Name And Email Account Included

Already Got A Domain Name? We Can Use That Too!

As part of Barber, we will register on your behalf and pay for your chosen .com or domain name. We will manage the domain for you while you operate a Barber website, handing it over free of charge at any time if requested. We don't cyber sit!

We will also set you up with two email addresses and even connect them to a Gmail account if you require.

Hosting & backups

As standard we host all Barber websites maintaining and managing the code and ensuring everything is working at least 99% of the time.

We also perform regular backups of your entire system, including website, bookings and client management.

Online Bookings
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Automating The Entire Booking Process

Spending Time Cutting Not Calling

Every time you stop to take a call or check the diary you're ignoring the client in the chair, spending dead time on the phone and not earning. Our 100% automated online diary management and booking system means your clients can see at the click of a button availability and book a slot online without ever having to pick up the phone.

One Price, limitless barbers NO commission

Unlike most other online booking systems we don't charge based on the number of barbers you add to the booking system, and we don't take a commission either.

For a flat fee of £30 a month you can add as many barbers you as like and take as many booking as you can. The fee never changes!

Chose From A growing List Of Themes
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Chose A Complete Theme Or Mix And Match

Don't Like The Options? We'll Make You Your Own!

Barber is available in a growing range of themes, from the simple to fully loaded. With auto-play video headers, full scale images, editable content zones, you name it.

As well as the standard features we can also add many addition elements, or "add-ons" as we call them. See the full range available here.

To see the latest custom Barber themes click the "Theme Demo" buttons in red towards the top of the page. To see all the available themes go go here.

Our Booking Scheduler completely automates your diary and booking system for as many barbers as you wish, all for only £30 a month.

As well as providing your business with a great looking website Barber allow your clients to check availability and book online, and if required pay a booking deposit via Paypal, or pay in full.

With Barber you will improve your online presence and grow your business.

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Unlimited Barbers

One, or one hundred, the price doesn't change!

Unlike most online booking systems we don't penalise you for being successful. If your business grows and you add more barbers to your booking system we don't up the charges.

No matter how many barbers you employ you will never pay more!

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Unlimited Services

Add services as you go, but pay the same!

Our booking system can handle a limitless number of services, so no matter how your business grows and evolves you will never have to pay more.

Take bookings for as many services as you want, the price doesn't change!

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Unlimited Appointments

No commission or fees to pay, ever.

Some booking systems appear cheap but charge a commission on each booking you take so you end up paying for them for forever. Not ours.

The money you earn is yours, Keep it.

Take as many bookings as you can, the price doesn't change!

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Online Diary

Never miss a booking again.

With our online diary system, your clients can see 24/7 when you're available without having to pick up the phone or send you an email, meaning they can book instantly night or day.

Spend less time managing diaries and more time cutting and earning.

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Online Bookings

Take bookings 24/7

The online booking system is the heart of our website. At the click of the mouse or tap of the screen, your clients can see your availability instantly and book a slot there and then.

Never miss a booking again because you couldn't get to the phone or missed the email.

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Optional Online Payments

Via Paypal, credit card or just take the booking.

Our system doesn't just take online bookings it can also take full, or part payments as booking are made. Payments can be processed vis credit card or Paypal; it can even handle refunds for cancellations.

Full or part online payment is optional, you don't have to ask for it.

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Online Cancellations

No more no shows!

Nobody likes cancellations, but no shows are even worse. Our system makes it super simple for your client to cancel their booking and immediately makes the slot available for re-booking.

The easier it is to cancel the fewer no-shows you'll have. Simples.

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Cancellation Rebooking

Instantly rebook a cancelled slot.

Unlike many systems which charge for cancellations and re-listing the time slot, our system handles all cancellation requests automatically and immediately makes the slot available again.

Instant re-booking of cancelled slots means more money in your till.

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Automatic Confirmation & Reminder Emails

Keeping you, the client and the barber informed.

Once a booking is made you, the client and optionally the barber get a confirmation email. The booking system will then send out automated reminder emails at set times before the booking. You can also send manual reminders as often as you want.

A well-informed client is more like to attend and return.

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Client Management

Manage your client base inside the system.

Most booking systems retain your client data and charges you to access it. We don't. If your client has agreed to share their data with you, we don't try to make money out of that relationship. We'll even help you keep your clients informed and coming back.

Full client data management baked right in.

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Full Sales Reporting

See your earnings instantly.

The more information you have about your business, the better you can run it. Our booking system can tell you your earning by the hour, day or week, highlighting the busy and quiet times.

Manage your business better and make more profit.

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Online Dashboard

Everything in one place, online.

Once logged into your dashboard you can see all the relevant information about the day's activities, all in one place, on any device.

Everything you need, in one place, on any device.*

Choose A Theme

Then we'll customise it for you!

Barber is presently available with a choice of four purpose made themes. Just pick the one you like then we'll customise and fine-tune to fit your needs perfectly, adding your logo, corporate colours, etc.

As well as these themes you can also choose from the many template sites we make for other purposes. Just tell us the one you want, and we'll adapt it.

Learn more about Caffeine Injection template sites and see the range here.

And if you don't like any of the theme or template sites tell us what you want, and we'll make it!



During the setup process, we will customise your chosen theme to match your colour scheme, add your logo and build your pages to include the content you want.

We will install your booking system and get it ready for you to add your barbers and services. Or, if you want, we can do that for you too.



Limited Time Only

Setup Only £75

Normally £150


This covers the site hosting, your business emails, website & booking module maintenance and daily backups. There are no additional charges.

Compare this to most appointment booking solutions which typically cost more WITHOUT the website; this represents excellent value for money.

£30 Per Month

More Shops?

If you have more than one location, we can add more booking schedules and contact details for each shop. Or if you prefer a unique website per location.

Each location adds £50 to the setup fee and £10 per month.

Add £10

Already Have A Website?

Add Our Booking Scheduler To Any Website

If you already have a website and need to add a booking system we can help! Our booking scheduler can be added to almost any site with ease with just a few lines of code. We can help with that if required.

Get in touch to discuss options.

"How-To" Videos

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